Prof. James Lovelock University Keynote for Earth’s Environmental Crisis & the Fate of Humanity, James Lovelock (Gaia theorist) and, Armando Arias, Conference Director & CSUMB Founder, 2011.  It’s enough to frighten the wits out of anyone with an ounce of good sense. GAIA, an inventive expression of a holistic look at how the Earth regulates itself, was devised to explain what this great thinking man and independent scientist of some reknown has acknowledged as now out of control and we are set on a course for the greatest threat to manking since the creation of the nuclear bomb.
Published on 15 Oct 2016 For many people just hearing the words climate change causes an immediate trigger response, with random, jabbering phrases spewing out of their face such as “it’s natural”, “it’s a liberal conspiracy” and “My fridge cold how global warming do a thing now?”. Narration provided by JaM Advertising New Mexico When people think of climate change they imagine the whole world getting hotter evenly all over, but this simply isn’t the case, and while some areas will experience a huge increase in temperatures, others are going to see the exact opposite take place. Sea levels [More]
All about the loss of trees, Dear Future Generations, Sorry by Prince Ea is a clever expose of the destruction of our planet. He brilliantly delivers the best way to face up to the elephant in the room. Some of the facts he mentions should scare the living daylights out of you but whether it does or not the fact remains we all need to do our bit and stop greed and destruction on this precious jewel in the black void because if we don’t, there will only be the black void.
Published on 9 Feb 2016 The weather has been increasingly chaotic around the globe. 2016 has already suffered some extreme weather, whats to come? Is an apocolyptic event on the horizon? Is it climate change? global warming? pole shift? weather manipulation? or the Earths natural cycle? you decide…
How Whales Change Climate! Whales are being hunted unnecessarily. Now we know they are a part of the picture in understanding they have a place in climate change too as you will here.  This video was produced as a gift to humanity by Sustainable Human ( Visit us to find out how you can support and create videos like How Whales Change Climate in collaboration with a global team of volunteers. Together, we can change the story of the world. Visit the official landing page for more information on this incredible story:­imate “When we try to pick out anything [More]
What sort of a world are we creating for our children? This little film exposes the truth of deforestation and will make you sit up and think just how mad a race we are, how uncaring and how powerless our would-be democKracy makes us that our representatives themselves are caught up in a malaise of powerlessness with money – filthy lucre – the undelying cause of our demise and the future misery of our children
Netherlands rolls out ‘solar road’. This ground-breaking development, which is also being looked into in America for the possibilities of use on roads, promises a future of very powerful alternatives to fossil-fueled or atomic fueled energy. The panels can also be used creatively for night vision, advertising and other normal road-markings. Most importantly of all, it can also deliver FREE electricity to homes attached to its grid. However, that is unlikely to happen because of the implications to various interests.  It may still be some time off but it just goes to show we can confront the problems we are [More]
Published on 2 Sep 2015 There are various signs in earth past which point at rapid climatic developments. Renowned international climate specialist Prof. James Lovelock explains based on his modelling potential implications. White talked about ice core records which point to similar circumstances.
President Obama declares the world is truly facing its doom this century through chlimate change if we do not take action immediately. Professor James Lovelock forewarned this several years agao and at the time said it was too late; the world’s population will be less than 1 billion by the end of the century. Even to attain that we need to heed Obama’s words NOW!
Published on 10 June 2015 Short artist-documentary narrated by Hollywood icon Julie Christie exploring the devastating oil pollution committed by Chevron-Texaco in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and the 22 year quest for justice of the indigenous people impacted by it. Directed by Mark Donne Cinematographer/Editor: Joe Morris Narrated by: Julie Christie Sound score by: Drew McConnell and James Carey Colourist: Joseph Bicknell Produced by: Brass Moustache Films